Windows 10 on Surface Pro Running SambaPOS4

I am as we speak finalizing a Windows 10 install on my first gen Surface Pro. I will be installing and testing SambaPOS4 using SQLExpress 2014 and WiFi. I will provide pics when its setup should be a few more minutes.

BTW I think its worth mentioning that my screen was shattered and before windows 10 I had to disable touch and use just the pen after windows10 touch works again without the glitches from the shattered screen.

this is just a test obviously I would not use a shattered tablet in production I just thought it was interesting that the touch glitches went away

EDIT: screenshot of samba will be later my main pc PSU at the house just died so I don’t have access to my test setup DB atm

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To be honest I know several people, mostly people that have never held one, talk about surface pro’s being heavy. Truth is they are not. The surface pro and Pro 2 is slightly heavier than most tablets… the surface Pro 3 is not it is VERY light. But I own both and I will say that weight is never an issue with either one.

BTW Performance of SambaPOS with the database installed on the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro is VERY speedy. It beats socks off any RDP tablet including the iPads. The screen size of Surface Pro is great it feels natural. The screen size of Surface Pro 3 is really wonderful. Now if only we could run local installs of the Database and have it sync with other tablets running the database all locally it would be a dream :stuck_out_tongue:

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