Windows 10 Tablet


Some feedback on cheap Galactic G8,Windows 10 tablet with 1gig ram and 16gig rom:
R1000 - South African Rand = $66 = 57 euros

Been using it lightly on quieter days, have it on an old wireless router set to AP just for it no other devices fighting for bandwidth. No connection issues so far.

Slight delay on input when changing entities and start up, but once you in the ticket view adding items its good, adding orders and menu modifiers is easy and it looks great.

8’ size is perfect, bigger would just be in the way, now it can be stored in jacket pockets easily.

Take 9 seconds to print a bill, but that could be many factors not just the device but also not a problem as you not at the printer anyway when using the tablet.

Adding on the input from the forum that 16gig rom is too little to function properly… I wiped it clean of bloatware and only have the necessary which is very little left on the device, this was to make space for virtual memory to be used by the OS. If it doesn’t have space to upload new patches and Windows updates I don’t think it would be a train smash, the device is on its own private network so shouldn’t be a security worry if the patches are for security reasons (I’m no network specialist so don’t quote me). But obviously time will tell.

The other reasons for the cheaper tablet is expected lifetime. If a waiter drops a $67 tablet ill cry a little if they drop a $200 tablet i’ll cry a lot. Also the Android version of Sambapos is also R1000, It just makes more financial sense to me to go for something that is easier to setup and is cheaper in the long run.

My advice… try it out, no RDP workaround and easy connection is a winner and setting up the system to use the tablet with is the hard work, as I’m laying Ethernet cables to the AP set in garden area so once that is all in then adding or upgrading devices is very easy.

FYI Windows doesn’t want sambapos to download directly to device so I just copied downloaded install file from a connected pc.

If you are going to use Windows 10 Tablets I would advise you to buy a Bluetooth keyboard for input, adding DB sting is a schlep with virtual keyboards. Also, I take Tablet view off it just seamed to work better.

Here is link to download a short and badly shot video (6.7mb MP4) to give an idea of the performance.

Link for the device im using so you can see the specs: (Bid or Buy SA site is part of Ebay and only works for South Africa so dont buy there if you don tlive here, no affiliation on my part)


Thanks for the info, good to hear it seems to be working ok so far :slight_smile:

Use remote software like Teamviewer or AnyDesk then you don’t need to physically setup on the tablet.


This is the one we have ordered to try out. Not the best config but its an entry point tablets for us if they work. We have placed a few for pre-order.


We have been using dell lattitude 10 st2 so far at our shop without much issues. have been buying them for around 130-150 AUD