Windows 7 with multiple concurrent RDP connections will break

12 " is great. They are really thin and light so that helps.

I have been eyeballing the ipad mini. So light and many case options. @kendash

Last time I looked into it, most tablets were on a RT OS which was no good for running SambaPOS so we had to opt for the RDP method.

Looks like we have more Tablets hitting the market with Full Windows. So we would have to install the SambaPOS on the tablet rather than running a RDP application. So we would need to install printer drivers etc also on the tablet. Has this been tested and is it proven to be faster than the RDP method?

Anyone using Windows Tablets rather than RDP?

This actually was never true. There has been a strong showing since the start. Its the price thing that is different now. There has been more full windows 8.1 tablets released than RT. RT never really caught on. Its just the price of RT was more in line with android… so people compared them the most. But now that is starting to not be an issue.

@jordanpositivetech I’m deleting your posts because you’re asking people to contact you. You are free to share links to information. We don’t interfere with how people use that information.

Ipads are fancy and are nice. Outside the fact they are an iPad I really find them over priced for what you get. I know business has adapted to using them quite well and its proven to work in business however I feel the windows tablets have really came along nicely and in my opinion are surpassing iPad with function and with ease of deployment.

Some of the newer windows tablets are really beautiful and offer some very nice compelling features as well.

Guys i need urgent help!
I have Windows 8 Pro, and until last friday i was able to use RDC without any issue.
The thing is, now i can’t login with concurrent sessions.

I’ve tried to find the KB2984792 on my updates list but i can’t find it (it’s not there) … altough i do have some updates done on last friday that probably caused this.

For windows 8 pro it’s the same update?
Please help, it’s very urgent!

(i can also post all the KB updates done last week)

Permanent solution is to invest in Windows tablet to avoid this issue. Microsoft will always push out security updates that will break loop holes.

This is the very reason you should never trust a hack to build your business on top of.

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is there anything i can do right now?
i tried to uninstall that KB but i cant find it on my list

I am sorry but I will not endorse or give any advice on how to fix a hack that was patched as it should have been. I can give you advice for legitimate options however. It would be to upgrade to windows tablets to power your handheld solutions and not use RDP or you can go with a Windows Server OS with proper licensing for RDP
It is my opinion you should address this appropriately. They will continue to patch hacks like this and your business will continue to have issues each time.

Everyone needs to understand what this is. It only worked because it was a Hack. It was never meant to work this way. Microsoft will ensure that it does not. Unless you want to base your business on a hacked solution that will constantly break I would suggest you look into legitimate solutions.

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What is it? (I think I must have missed something.) Please clarify. Thanks!

He meant hack. There is no real fix. It was and still is a hack.

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