Windows Home or Pro?

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I am sorry I had to start a new topic, for some reason it wouldn’t let me simply reply.

I thought I understood but there seems to be something missing. I have successfully installed SambaPOS on about 6 systems, but I am still having connection issues on all systems. A Network Error 26 or something. I do recall seeing something about the difference between Windows Home vs Windows Pro, but thought that was in relation to the RDP.

I have followed the guide to turn off firewall, and the whole list of things, but I cant get any two systems to work running the other systems database as a terminal. The only thing I have done differently is when installing the OS’s I didn’t name the computers “SERVER” AND “TERMINAL1”, I used a different system of naming more like “BLUSERV” and “REPSERV” “TESTPOS” and such.

So it left me wondering, does SambaPOS when running multiple terminals need to be run in Windows PRO, or is there something else I am likely overlooking?

No your missing something. Take a look here.


Good, I never managed to find that. Must have used the wrong search terms.

I am not sure which setting it was but I have success. Victory is mine!


Yes it is a wonderful resource and covers just about all situations.

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