Work Period Error

One of my terminals had an incorrect date & time setting in Windows. The work period was started on that terminal with the incorrect setting and I was unaware of the incorrect start date until I went to close the work period. Now the reports that I try to run for that period are displaying the full range of days between the erroneous start time and the correct end time. Is there a way to go into the database and manually change the date range on the work period? If not, is there another way for me to generate daily reports that don’t include the full range of dates? See picture for detail.

Your issue will go beyond just the dates on the workperiod as if the ticket was incorrect during the whole period the ticket and order dates will also be incorrect…
You might need to wait for some advice from kendash, q or maybe emre himself but I am expecting you are likely not going to like the answer…

How has the date changed? You need to lock down your system if it is staff changing the system date… it should not be permitted at all…

The date and time was corrected before any tickets were opened. I am not sure how the date changed, but I suspect there may be an issue with the CMOS clock on this terminal.

I would get that fixed asap. :slight_smile:

What database type are you using?

You may want to try this.

Create your backups and don’t run it on production before ensuring it works as expected on your setup.


Thanks. I will try it tomorrow morning and let you know how it goes.


Success! Thanks a lot!