Work period explanation

sorry for such a basic question but i am new to pos terminologies … it would help me if someone could explain me about the workperiod and it’s usage.

A work period is the period that the business is open on a specific day.

For example:

  • on Friday you open at 09am and close 11.30pm. This is your work period for that day
  • on Saturday you open at 09am and close 02am at night (so basically the next day). This is your work period for that day

SambaPOS will not allow you go to the POS screen to create tickets and add orders and such when there is no work period started.
Users have to end the work period at the end of the work day.

When you end a work period, SambaPOS will update inventory changes in the database.

The time range of reports is also based on these work periods.
For example, if you want to see a report for a specific day (for example the Saturday above), SambaPOS will show you the data for that work period, not just for the exact 24 hours of that day (midnight to midnight).

See also the documentation:

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thank you… @pipo for the reply.