[Working] Custom Entity Screens

No @QMcKay we don’t have Show Entity Screen action yet but I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist that :slight_smile:

Creating a Show Entity Screen is something complex. SambaPOS needs to know the reason of switching screens to be able to navigate correctly. For example coming back to ticket after Choose Customer > Edit Customer > Select Customer is something different than doing it while there is no ticket open.

For @Jesse’s case executing Change Ticket Entity action, setting entity type parameter to entity type and leaving entity name blank will switch to related custom screen. Also executing Display Ticket action with 0 parameter will come back to ticket. If we remove references from ticket type to custom screen entities we won’t see Select XXX buttons.

I hope that won’t disappoint you…

Cool So i can just slap some automation buttons on there and customize those. Thanks!!!

…and you’ll also have better control. For example you can set Visible State to Status= to display these buttons only when there is no active ticket.

Great Thank you. I am making the changes now.

Works like a charm! ill post some screenshots soon. Thank you!

Didn’t realize this could be done! Cool! This will suffice in place of Show Entity Screen action.

I put together a quick Tutorial:

Yep fully customized buttons. It works great. Great tutorial I am sure others want to do this too at some point.

That won’t happen soon but maybe we can improve html viewer to execute automation commands when specific types of links visited :slight_smile: I’ll add it to my ideas list.

@emre, is there a trick I can use to get back into Design Mode. I try right-click everywhere, but it only brings up Properties, Settings, etc, or HTML controls!

What has happend QMcKay is you have took up the entire screen size. You can enter design mode but the area to enable it is very small now. Click around the edges until you find it. I ran into that too. Maybe if we had a keyboard shortcut to enter design mode… it would prevent this.

It happened to me when I was designing my TimeClock viewer. I ended up reducing the size of widget just a tad to leave me a small border to right click.

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Right clicking on the 1px wide vertical line next to left red line might work. If it does not work you can update dimensions from Widgets table. Implementing a shortcut buton is a great idea :slight_smile:

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BTW @emre Display Ticket is not working. I can return if I use Create Ticket but then I would have to close it and apparently if I put Create ticket and then Close Ticket actions it will not close it for some reason. But close button works just fine.

I do not mind using Create ticket… it just seemed like a bad way to do what I wanted.

I see why it wont close the ticket… because the command was hit before ticket existed. I would have to close ticket after creation… and that wont work.

I am wondering if I did something wrong so that Display Ticket will not bring it back to Ticket. I set it to ticket Id 0

No display ticket should work. Can you send me a db backup?

Yea give me a moment. Just had a very strange behavior… accidently started skype… closed it… then all of a sudden all my command buttons on my ticket view disabled… I closed skype closed out completely and restarted samba… they work again… lol wierd… must have been a database issue… im thinking SKype used a port it shouldnt have.

SambaPOS4_201408211809SQM.zip (593.9 KB)

Bah sorry let me put it in a pm

lol skype attacked us… uninstall that…

Oh wait… does that feature require latest version? Just realized i have not downloaded it lol Installing now…

OK emre disregard my issue… it works with new version very sorry got excited forgot to update.

Works flawlessly!

OK Great! It was nice to play with your setup lol.

Still got some cleaning up to do. Some of it is kinda sloppy but its coming along. More than likely I will disable the NonTax transactions for my food POS and only use it in my Retail POS few other small tweeks like that. I am trying to build it as ONE system where I can enable and disable features for implementation in Retail or Food.

The refund system will probably be Retail only and ill use something more simple for food.

Never thought retail side but we’ll consider developing features for retail for future versions. Maybe SambaPOS 5.


@emre is there any similar method we could use as a trick to get an Account Screen to appear from clicking an Automation Command button?

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