Workperiod ID sometimes dont work

hellow ive implemented the workperiodid in one of my reports, and it got some weird behaviour, sometimes it appers and sometimes in doesnt appear, what could it be?



“cierre” report and “cierra caja” report uses that workperiod ID, sometimes workperiod loads the id and some dont (you can check february last workperiods)

I removed the link to your database. We shouldn’t share them public.

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hellow @Jesse any idea why does that tag does not display the id always? i mean, no matter if im filtering the report to see the “live” workperiod or if want to see a past workperiod, it got like a random behaviour, in some workperiods it appears and in some it doesnt, BUT if i filter the report by month or week i can actually see all the ids seperate by comas in the report.

You need to share the report syntax with us. We cant be sure your using it correctly. {WORKPERIOD ID} is a printer tag… not a report tag… chances are its not working as intended because of that.

this is the report syntax…

or if someone can tell me please a workaround for identifying or serializing workperiods in reports besides the date? number generator maybe?

Yeah so that may not work as you want because its a printer tag. You can use SQL to get actual Workperiod ID. The table is dbo.WorkPeriods and they each have an ID.

Do you logout and log back in when a new workperiod is started on another computer?

I’ve notice reports will act strange if I don’t logout and back in when a new workperiod has been started on another computer. It happens to me on a back-office computer where I usually keep SambaPOS open all the time.

thanks for the suggest but did not work :frowning: any workaround for a sequencial number i can place in a report?

What didnt work? You didnt even tell us what you tried?

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“Do you logout and log back in when a new workperiod is started on another computer?”
this didnt workout

Yes you must log out on all terminals when you end workperiod. You can also automate that with logout user action and Work Period ending rule.

Workperiods are sequential. So you will need to give more information to understand what your wanting.

Still having the same.odd behavior,

Can you PM your database. I can’t guarantee I will be able to find anything.