Wrap text, question on html, printing/display format

how to enable auto wrap text.
i created to display note, but if i write a long note, it won’t break to the next line automatically.
how do i do it?

Would you like to post your printer template please.

Hi John,
actually it’s the kitchen entity screen you made.
i edited and added a {NOTE} for minor custom instruction but it doesn’t wrap the text on kitchen entity screen

[{ENTITY NAME:Customer}]
Table:{ENTITY NAME:Table}|Ticket No:{TICKET NO}


– Format for order tags

It is a bug in the widget, @emre will need to look into it. I happens because the line is longer than the width of the ticket.

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Does it happens on the kitchen display sample?

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Yes, in the Kitchen Entity Screen.

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I’ve added MaxWidth and MinHeight settings to widget settings. These settings are in pixels and box width won’t be more than MaxWidth and box height won’t be less then MinHeight values.

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is that in next version? or has been included already

This is a new feature in the next version.
Release - TBA