Write two languages on the invoice

Good evening everyone
I am working on printing the invoice in Arabic and English
But will not be done correctly. Since when you add the Arabic language to the invoice does not appear the price disappears
And also the format of the invoice form and printing appear randomly ??
I hope to get the right way so that I can print the invoice in Arabic and English
Thank you all

Use HTML template and a HTML printer type. You will be able to do it that way.

I did it but the prices do not show disappear

Show us your template. Can you show a photo of the invoice?

When I go to the office, I will send you the invoice picture

You already had a discussion about this why start a new one? Which one should I lock?

I previously did something similar by creating a product tag in Thai language. You can then print in English using {NAME} as usual or Thai using {ITEM TAG:Thai Name}

He has the seccond language but has messed with the template and by looks of it taken price off.
Also struggling with line spacing/char count but wasn’t overly forthcoming with info like template changes etc.

I recommend that you create separate templates for each language and create separate printer tasks based on customer type.

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I want the same this picture

You need to edit your template.
All is covered on forum etc.
Logo uses BMP tag with file path for a BMP image for logo, or load in printer memory and use xct code for printer image command
All other points are just changes to printer template.
For item and line total you would need to change order section to just J and use print tags for order price and order total.
Your template shows remaining total and ticket is paid hence 0, ticket total would be total value of ticket.

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Great how can I do that ?

It’s all on the forum… Use the search to find related topics, plenty of template related topics.
Start here;

OK I will do it
Thank you

Are you using Sambapos 5? Because that screenshot shows 2.73 a very very old version