Wrong item price with order tag

I’m using order tags as ingredients and the price depends of the type of ingredients has, so I set the item as with no price and it can be tagged with minimum 3 and maximum 3 order tags.

Today one item was ordered with the 3 order tags and it should had the price of $3.60 but in the order line appeared with $5.60.

Only Administrator has the button change price active.

The client realized about the problem and it was fixed by voiding the item and it was ordered and that time with a correct price.

I was doing some tests and I realized that the item had a price of $2 instead of $0, plus a total of $3.6 by the order tags.

Someone has had a similar problem?

You would have this problem is if you configured the Order Tags incorrectly.

Without screenshots of your configuration of the Product, Order Tags, and a Ticket showing the “incorrect” values, we cannot help.

You´re right.

The first 3 tags was added as a reason to reopen ticket and voiding the item

Let’s see your Tax Template configuration.

Do you have any Rules that contain the Update Order Action?

So, when you add Orden-Tacos mixtos de 3 to ticket without order tag, it has $2 price. If not, when it exactly $2 come up.

I only have two rules with that action but the rules are triggered with an automation command for each rule.

After several tests I found the my problem, as you can see, numpad sets the price of the item.

So now I know that I need to set a price for that item, thanks for your help.

Did you solved it? If not I can take a look if you can PM me your database backup zip file.