Wrong sold amount in inventory (In Display Cost)

I’m having this issue:

I have a product named ‘‘Enchiladitas’’ and a portion named ‘‘Mixta’’ that lets the customer to choose two ingredients previously defined as order tags mapped to product ‘‘Enchiladitas’’ and to portion named ‘‘Mixta’’.

If a single product is submitted with the portion ‘‘Mixta’’ the sold amount from inventory shows 3.

The same happened yesterday, I sold 2 ‘‘Enchiladitas.Mixta’’ and the Sold Amount showed 6.

It only happens if a product has a portion that lets to choose order tags (I test it with other product), others products show the correct Sold Amount.

I don’t know why it multiplies by 3 the real sold amount. This is shown even in the cost report but not in the item sale report.

Any toughts?

Show us your recipe.

Recipe: (in the inventory item named Enchiladita, it shows 18 (3x6) if a single unit is sold, yesterday showed 36 (6x6))

Inventory item:

Show your product setup for enchiladitas