Wrong VAT (tax) calculation result

If I follow this https://sambapos.org/wiki/doku.php/en/how_to_configure_multiple_taxes and apply to V5 I don’t get 5% calculated but less. 5% from 100 is 5.00 not 4.80.
Where to change that?

At the moment I’m just testing V5, Monday it will get serious on the real POS system.

Im going to hazzard a guess you have fallen victim to a common misunderstanding.

Is 100 your total/gross price?
Is your price list set to be inclusive of tax?

If the ticket exc tax was 100 the tax would be 5 (5% of 100) making total/gross price 105
If the total including tax was 100 it would not be 5 tax, as tax would be 5% of the exc price;
For example on that basis net would be 95. 5% of 95 is 4.75 so total is 99.75
To get a total gross price of 100 with 5% the net price would be 100/1.05 = 95.23 and depending on your rounding 95.2 so 4.80 tax.

If I have guessed right you just saved 0.20 on tax :slight_smile: and think how that adds up over a year :wink:


Yeah, sorry, I was thinking about that too. But I guess here I need to do tax including and than it’s what you said, it’s not going to be 5. Stupid me, but it’s what you get when staring at SambaPOS for a day and guessing how to implement things. If there would be a step-by-step guide for V5 it would help a lot. I was caught I think by the fact that in Taiwan there are no decimals, it’s all rounded to 1 NT$, we don’t have half or quarters, 10 cents or anything of that kind. Just when it comes to VAT calculation you get decimals in the result, and then I better round at the end of the two month period, not for every ticket I’ll print.

You can choose to have Tax-inclusive or Tax-exclusive pricing as well…

@JTRTech has explained the calculation details for Tax-inclusive.

If you want to have Tax-exclusive pricing, then 5% of 100 would be 5, for a Total of 105. Just untick the box in the Ticket Type …

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