10% Discount button to affect certain product categories only

For example, the discount applies to all food categories except (1) the promotional food category and (2) the drinks category.

Similar to Discount on specific category but that thread received no reply.

Also nice to have: In the customer receipt, a numeric tag that indicates the total discounted amount.

Is this doable in the POS?

Anything is possible with SambaPOS. Look in tutorials… Here is a good one.

Unfortunately I already read that tutorial before posting and it’s not what I’m looking for. Using that method, I would need to click through every single item where the discount applies. What I’m looking for is a single button that applies discounts to all applicable items and all applicable items only.

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So you want to ring up a ticket with mixed product categories and then hit 1 button and it will automatically add 10% discount to every item under that specific category?

I understand now. Its possible through some mapping and reworking of some rules. Look through all of the discount tutorials maybe you can formulate exactly what you want when you get understanding of how they work.

I cannot give you a step by step right now because I have not built what your asking for yet due to me not needing that sort of solution in my business. Discounts are rather complex to setup. I plan to build a discount system into my Samba but its going to be a few weeks before I start looking into it.

Hopefully someone else might chime in and offer you some advice. Best thing I can tell you is read all the tutorials maybe you can design it yourself.

I am serious when I say anything is possible with Samba I was not joking or being candid. Anything is possible if you get a strong grasp of the system.

i was also looking for the solution where discount % is only applied to food items only and not drinks automatically… so, far i have not been able to figure out. we will require @QMcKay’s & @emre help on this.

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Also nice to have: In the customer receipt, a numeric tag that indicates the total discounted amount.

@aaronlee29, for total discount amount on receipt you can refer to below

I have not built it yet so I am not 100% sure…You may need to look into the product group mapping

EDIT: I was wrong mapping wont work.

Just from glancing at it. You can do it but it will also show up under the item because you will need to use the Product Group mapping option. The Tag Order action does not do the mapping.

In short it will work if you map it to product groups you want it to apply to only… and then use the Tag ORder action with an automation command button. You just will not be able to hide the Discount Order tag from under the item on your menu/product selection screen.

Again however I have not built this so I am not sure if it would run into errors or not by using the action with a mapped tag. It would be worth a try though.

Sorry to bump up this old thread. But has anyone managed to solve this issues of discounting specific category. I also don’t want to discount drinks.

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This thread will not show you but yes this was resolved long ago with custom product tags.