100% Discount With Service Charge and VAT

Dear All,

Once you are applying service charge and VAT, 100% discount works but leaves behind the VAT and Service Charge. if you then use rounding, it willnot close the bill because the bill is 0 (Zer0).

Please can you kindly advise on what to do?

What are trying to achieve?

Sounds like your calculation doesn’t include tax and maybe have tax exc pricing. If your discount calculation doesn’t include tax there would still be tax to pay as your discounting the net value not the gross value.
You either need to include tax on your discount or not calculate 100% on the net price but the gross price. However the seccond one makes no sense since your reporting will show that you need to pay VAT on a 0 value sale which is just silly if you did that.
You need to make tax included on the discount.

Would need to see a screenshot example to see exactly how it’s being calculated to understand how you have it setup and exactly what’s happening.