2 lines for product name in V.4 its possible

I try to make 2 lines for product because the text its very long and no have choice to cut. its possible make two lines for product name. Like Options on left screen???

Use \r to wrap text so:

Mini Empanadas\rArgentinas

Would put Argentinas on the second line, and use can use \r in a few other settings too such as for auto command button labels

@RickH is correct, but you should be using the \r new-line character in the Menu, not the Product.

Manage > Products > Menu List > Menu > Edit Product Properties

Thank you all. Excellent advice, works perfect!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Where should I put \r? I’m confuse. :weary: Thank you in advance.

in the header column, this is your button label

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Thank you @RickH. Working good now.