2 printers to print bills

can someone show me how to print bills on 2 seperate Printers,coz 1 printer is for bills and the other is for bar…i want both printers to print bills simultaneously,if my waiters use both computers and they want to print bills using any of the 2 printers…at the moment i have both printers connected,one is for orders and the other one is for bills…if u can show me step by step procedure,wil greatly appreciated


What do you want printing? The exact same thing? If its the exact same thing I believe you can just add an extra line on the print job mapping selecting the second printer.

I want my waiters to access each printer on two computers to print bills… If i go to computer 1 I can print a bill on that printer then if im on computer 2 I cn also print a bill on that printer

Your not making this easy…

So you have two terminals with a printer local to each.
And you want what? receipts to print to both printers o both machines? or are you just strangling to get each terminal to work with its printer?

Im having 2 computers, linked together… Both computers have their own printers, i want each computer to print its own bill

Just make sure the local printer to each machine is setup in windows with the SAME printer name, just something like ‘Receipt Printer’, not printer 1 and printer 2

May I interject and suggest this is probably not the best method?

When I’ve had to set up multiple printers, they’re all mapped on the SQL Server. Every terminal can access every printer, and should a printer go down, its a 2 min change in the print job to swap printers and continue the night.

if you go into print jobs, you can choose what printer is used for what terminal

Hi, Can you pls explain this in detail, with some screen shot, it will be very help full,
We also need to print the same bill in two printers but not able to do it.
thank you.

The printers need to be available to windows for any given machine needing to print.
Then add a line in the print job with each printer and corresponding template.

Presently we have using one printer in the cash counter and another one in kitchen, we are able to print bill in the cash counter and kot in the kitchen, now we need same bill to print in kitchen and cash counter.

Yer, so in the print job for the print bill add a mapping line and set kitchen printer and template to go with it…


Hi Pls see we have done that, but still the print is not comming on the second printer

Show you printers setup in samba and the printers list in windows.
Printer name needs to be available in windows for samba to print to itm

You can also look at the printer setup section of kb.sambapos.com


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pls check…

So issue is with wifi sushi?
Are you getting any prints to it?

yes, we get the KOT on that.

All the KOT Assign to the Sushi is coming on it, only when we print the bill it is coming only on the Cash counter printer not on the wifi sushi printer

Hi, i checked that link, in that there is a option to print all the product group kot in one more printer, but not only to print bill to one more printer.
Can you kindly give me the solution.

waiting for your reply