$20 Voucher Format Weird

Hi team, I added a few voucher products, ($20, $30, $40 and $50). They all display as expected except for the $20. It shows up as 20.000.

Does anyone know why? Does anyone know how to fix it?

Cheers, Murray.

It’s the $ sign. That is a special character and Means something special in menu

Poo, any way around it?

Weird because it works/displays fine for $30, $40 and $50.

Might be good if you share a screenshot or two so we can see what you did and how it shows up

I started off like this (all the same)

But they looked like this:

The above is what I’ve settled on because when I select the 20.000 from the order tag, it looks better on the bill side:

Sorry about the picture quality, I’m at work in the middle of a service, lol

You have a Product Name called “Voucher” with 4 portions.

While in the same time you have a separate product called $50 Voucher. They seem to be completely separate products.

Are you sure you put the right ones on the menu?

Yeah, I tried it as 4 different products first then settled on the 1 product (Voucher) and added the amounts as order tags. Both ways have the same results. 30, 40 and 50 look fine, 20 is weird (and so is $2 when I tested that). I’m assuming the the $ with a 2 means something programmatically.

Looks like its pulling something out of a field 2. Not sure exactly what though.

Whats in the headers in the Menu Product Properties?
Whats the portion name in Product List?

They are both just the defaults. Portion is ‘Normal’.

Can you rename it to $20 instead of normal?

I did this:

Which gives me:

Which is good enough, cheers

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$1 would be interesting.
These type of values are place holders in places like like reports and as Jesse said in menu where you can create dynamic formatting. Which is probably related.
Perhaps something like $1 portion name, $2 portion price or something like that.
It’s probably not an issue but a querk of the flexibility of samba with $ being a special character in programming languages.

Typical test would be to maybe try putting a character or something in from to see if changed.
Obvious answer might be to make portion name ‘20 dollars’ instead.

Putting $1 in the Product Name results in $1 being displayed. If I try $10, $100 is displayed. $11 gives $111, $12 gives $122, $14 gives $144 etc.

Interesting… nor sure what’s happening there then.

Just shut my till down for the evening but what happens if you put a space between the dollar sign and the number. I suspect it would show as intended then.

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can you escape the $ sign



The space works however escape doesn’t

So $1 and $2 has special meaning. You won’t be able to use $ in the name for those numbers. They are placeholder variables that allows you to show prices and product names dynamically on the menu buttons.

You can try naming product 20 and using $$1 in menu maybe but I doubt it.