33 Settings for Disco Club and bar V5

Hello everyone
Since the V4 I have tried to create a system for disco and club bar, but many configurations were not possible in V4
Why I waited anxiously for V5, now that we already have the V5, I would like to share here a list of 33 configurations which I intend to do. But with your help!
And then share this database for all of us.

Thank you

1. Online Card System
The traditional system for magnetic stripe or bar code.

2. Port Terminal
Here the doorman can boot the cards and can check that the card is paid or not.
Accept advertising in image and video, the display of consumed items are configurable.

3. box terminal
Automatic application of minimum consumption, possibility of paying multiple cards in one operation.

4. boxes payment system
For those who use paper cards and uses only registration system in the box.

5. Consultation Terminal
Here the customer can consult the amount consumed to date by reading the card.
This terminal can pass publicity image and video, ideal for the promotion of future events.

6. and mobile internet devices
Consult your mobile phone Iphone / Android web browser or via the movements of his nightclub.
Receive e-mail a summary of the drive.

7. Payment System in the act
Use in nightclubs where the customer paid upon consumption.

8. registration module at the bar
Allows the registration of drinks per touch screen or keyboard.
The card reader can be done by barcode or magnetic stripe.

9. Women’s Night Offers
Indication of drinks or families that may be offered.
Indication of the bars where the drink is offered.
Indication of maximum offers.

10. Hybrid System restaurant
For homes that have disco and restaurant.
Registration tables, use of kitchen printers.

11. Office online module
Here you can see “ONLINE” a summary of the drive home.
Since the number of people who entered, they paid, missing pay, the number of men and women present in the house.
Also shown is the total sales per bar and total paid by cashier

12. Advanced Services Network
Possibility of supply indication eg the 3 drink up to the value of x.
Excluding drinks offer and bars where the supply can be performed.

13. Happy Hour (special prices per hour)
Configurable by:

  • By date and time;
  • For terminal or bar;
  • On the day of the week;
  • Up to 5 selling prices;

14. Check-in Module
Entrance to customer registration possibility.
Indication at the time that the number of cards that the customer will use VIP list or black list clients.

15. Prepaid cards
You can associate a card to a customer, this card can be loaded with value to be discounted in several customer visits to the disco.
It can create a bonus value for consumption by loading value.

16. Card Series
Price per series;
Minimum consumption per set;
Card consumption limit per series;

17. Lock cards
Users have the ability to block cards and add notes in order to prevent misuse when the loss or loss.

18. Control Cancellations
Possibility of indicating that the drink may be set aside at the bar where he was registered.
Statement by setting it is asked the reason for the cancellation.

19. Control tables at the disco
You can register drink for consumption card 1000 and indicate that the products to be delivered in table 8.

20. blind lock box
Count value in cash and in his statement before printing and refinement.

21. Price per Bar
Possibility of indicating that a bar is a different price, needed solution in discos when there is, for example, a VIP bar where the products are sold at a higher price.
Note: The price level of research is done in the following order:

  • By default is used the first price
  • Overrides the previous if there is price per ZONE
  • Overrides the previous if any price for BAR
  • Overrides the previous if there is Happy Hour

22. Entry to the payment Control
Can be set above the minimum consumption an input value, a common situation when the acting special artists, Special Night or concerts.

23. Cash Control

  • Working capital Indication
  • Control inputs and payments
  • Box Sangria Control

24. Bead Conference Online
Possibility of disco in ONline system, whenever you post a beverage prints a ticket with the value of consumption and balance.

25. Various types of card

  • Consumer Cards
  • Employee Cards
  • Subscriptions Cards
  • Prepaid cards

26. Customers

  • Complete customer with CRM sheet. No. BI
  • Per customer consumption history.
  • Price per customer.

27. Control Cloakroom
With automatic or manual indication hanger and number of pieces placed.

28. specific maps of Disco

  • Earnings per bar / day
  • Sales bar / General / day
  • Beverage spare Map by bar

29. Reading magnetic strips cards Prefix and Suffix cards "Wildcards"
Example: Prefix = ??? Suffix =
In the card’s internal reading is returned ABC9988C value system VALID Card 9980.

30. Special settings adaptable to disco

  • Do not allow use table / card several times in one day
  • Only record cards initialized to Port
  • Only lets move set cards in Card Series

31. Special Functions
-“DELETE” Cancels payment card, leaving open movements.
-“SIGN” Close card, applying a discount of 100%, ideal for when owner or nightclub manager offers the consumer a card.
-“MINIMUM” Close disco card, not applying minimum consumption value (even if it is indicated a value for this number of cards)
-“ULTRA” allows you to register article on a card, even if the consumption limit for this has been reached.
-“OpenCards” shows all the cards entered the nightclub and are not paid.

32. Features of operation.
By passing a bar to registration if the card is not initialized at the door indicates message to the operator, eg
-Card already paid
-Card uninitialized
-Card locked
-Card Off Series

33. Multiple Payment cards
It allows various payment cards at the same time.
Allows the closure to the issue in a single bill (groups all accounts into one invoice) or issuance of invoices separately.
Supports closure to 8 (eight) card simultaneously.

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