3rd party table reservations

Anyone have any experiance with table reservation systems?

Looking for something to manage reservations that offers good interface and controls backend, clean online bookings and an api.

Recently had a call from these guys which looks interesting;


They have an api which they are going to get me some more details on.

My ideal setup with api would allow samba tables to be intergrated obviously but also want to be able to configure so that dinner inclusive hotel booking are automatically booked a table and also cancelled if cancelled from booking system without manual admin

Anyone have experiance with other systems?

Need to have another look at self hosted systems as not sure hotel would be happy at £99 a month based on estimated monthly bookings. While I dont think its expensive I think there may be potential for savings on an open source web application maybe.

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Well their prices have shot up…

Looking at resOS at the minute as boss finally come around especially with current situation,

resOS looks to have an api which looking into although seems basic.

Anyone tried any of these type of systems and have experience with it to recommend it?

System seems reasonable for the price compaired to others.
API seems a little basic but trying to chat them up as there is blatently more api available than documented as site likely using internal api.

I am looking at Sevenrooms for USA. They are not cheapest on the block but the customer data ai machine learning marketing is really interesting.

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Reached out to them and dev chap that replied seem very friendly and eager to discuss what my plans are and welcoming feedback and suggestions offered so far.
Main thing for now I want is access to internal notes on api, that way can tag and link bookings between restaurant and hotel and setup monitoring scripts checkin for hotel gusts without bookings for reminder email, checking package bookings have table in and reminding reception if not and checking for table bookings that didnt get cancelled after a hotel booking did.

Obvious normal stuff like checking in booking from samba and showing booking names etc all achievable as is.