4.1.79 Several Attempts were needed to Upgrade DB

Hi @Emre

I incurred a small problem whilst trying to upgrade to v4.1.79

After the download I installed the mentioned version and I then received the:

Check DB Version:
DB: 72
App: 78

Even after a few attempts of re-installation it was not updating the database for some reason. In the end it worked but found this a bit strange as the upgrades are usually seamless.

Do you have a backup of 72 version database? If you have I can check that.

Hello emre,
After upgrade to v4.1.79, the cancel button in ticket screen disappeared.
Regards, Wayne

@3WAYNE8, refer to below for same issue

I moved a post to a new topic: Rebuilding missing ticket buttons after upgrade

I should do. I will send later on today.