5% discount on all products using a swipe card


I’m trying to set up a discount , i want to set it up one or both of these two options:

Please bare in mind that the swipe card is not unique meaning all customers will have the same card swipe programmed here is an output of a test card we printed



  1. Staff to place an order
  2. Staff to click on settle
  3. The staff to ask if the customer has a discount card
  4. customer to present swipe card
  5. staff to swipe card
  6. the order to be discounted by 5%


  1. Staff to place an order
  2. The staff to ask if the customer has a discount card
  3. customer to present swipe card
  4. staff to swipe card
  5. the order to be discounted by 5%
  6. Staff to click on settle

So if you can provide some guidance or how to do this will be great


The first one i’m not sure on as you will already be on the settle screen, someone might be able to suggest options for that but I cant.

The second option there will be a few ways to do it.
Either through ticket tag, ticket state or entity, and which one would depend on other factors like if/how you want to track discounts used, and if you want them to be tracked as different ‘peoples cards’ or just a plain discount card.

You just edited to answer that :smile:

So if there all the same its allot easier!

Not at PC at the moment so cant have a tinker but I expect my the time im home tonight someone else will have given you a solution :smile:

In the mean time try searching, there are lots of discussions about VIP and customer discount of which many could work for you. They may not use swipe cards but that bit is relatively simple.
If their method calls for entity selected make a rule which on numpad value xxxxxxxx action select entity xxxx etc.

JTRTECH thanks for your responce. I’m not sure how to do it, but if you could when you have a chance please give me some directions that would be fantastic.


If you don’t get any other suggestions in the mean time I’ll have a look tonight.

Are you looking to literally just have it discount the prices?

Do you need it recorded in the wp report how much discount as that’s where I’ll struggle to help you as not an expert but if just plain discount should defiantly be able to help.

Thanks, yeah tracking discounts and having print in reports will be nice please.

I have this exact setup, swipe customer card, customer entity added and discount added

I also have the same setup for staff discount using entites and the discount amount is set as a field in the customwe and staff entity

Ill show setup tonight, in fact i think ive done a tutorial search for ricks tutorial

Here you go a step by step guide to setup exactly what you want


Thanks RickH,

I have tried this already but had no luck. Please see attached and i you can tell me where i went wrong please.


Your change ticket entity-discount action in the rule does not match the action setup

In the action the variable is set as Discount Code but the action in the rule shows the variable as Customer Discout

It looks like you have updated the action but no readded the action to the rule. When you update an action it doesnt update if it is already added to a rule

You need to remove the action from the rule and save the rule, close any open tabs, log out of samba. Then log back in, and add the action back into the rule and set the variable again

Try that and see if it works now

If not can you show a screenshot of a customer entity with the discount setting


Still doesn’t work. Here is a screenshot of a customer entity. I know i used ;5? but i have replaced it with a 123456 discount.

Please help i need this working urgently.

In your rule the constraint is wrong thats why it doesnt work, you have the constriant
{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Discount Code} equals Y

But you Discount Code in the entity doesnt equal Y it equals 123456 so your rule constraint should be

{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Discount Code} equals 123456

you use discount code field when entering on the pos keypad and also as a constraint in the discount rule, whereas my tutorial i have a customer number field and a discount field so i use the pos keypad to enter the customer number to add that customer to the ticket. Then i have another rule for when a customer is added to the ticket if their discount field is set to Y then discount is also applied, if their discount field is set to N they are just added to the ticket and no discount is applied

I think thats where youve got confused and used Y in your rule constraint, you just told the rule to check the discount code had a value of Y and since it didnt as it is 123456 the rule couldnt complete :slight_smile:

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For example this customer entity has customer number 3333333 and discount 10 set to N, so when i enter 3333333 on keypad it adds that customer to the ticket without a discount

This customer entity has customer number 4444444 and discount 10 set to Y, so when i enter 4444444 on keypad it adds customer to ticket WITH 10% discount

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Sorry everyone, i’m giving up trying. Could anyone show with screenshots how to do this please.


  1. Staff to enter order
  2. Scan swipe card end of transaction
  3. in case of customer adding more items to the same order, do you need to reswipe. or does it auto calculate. I prefer to auto calculate
  4. Ability to Report at the end of day how much discount was given
  5. Print the total amount saved on the ticket

Thanks heaps for all your help

I suggest tou re-read my tutorial it does exactly what you want, but you need to make sure any changes such as calculation namings are precise and consistent across the setup the slightest spelling mistake and it wont work

The tutorial works as that is how i have it setup so you must be making a mistake somewhere in your configuration

It does auto calculate so once your 5% calculation is added if tou add more items the discount recalculates

Reporting is simple you can add the reporting tag for your calculation into reports, i do tis already

Total amount saved on receipt should be a fairly simple calculation. Encase that claculation in square brackets and it will only print on receipt if there is a value, eg if there is no discount nothing will print

I cant show anymore screenshots at the moment as im away but llease reread my tutorial it does work and check all your configuration

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