50% Discount Button Not Turning Off correctly

Hi There,

I have implemented the 50% Discount button according to Emre’s tutorial here http://sambapos.org/wiki/doku.php/en/adding_discounts_to_orders_with_order_tags

The result is that I successfully get the button to apply 50% discount to the item, but cancelling it results in the item showing wrong price. Ie:

Fish Cracker 2.50 --> apply discount --> 1.25 --> Cancel Discount --> 1.88

I have recreated all the steps 4 times just to ensure that I am not missing anything. Same result every time. Please help.

Thanks in advance

Bump, anyone with any suggestions I can try?

Problem thread started by John and Emre relate to the same issue. I apologise for not noticing this before, link to JohnS and Emre’s thread below:-