50% Discount on 2nd Item of Equal or Less Value

I need to create a discount of 50% off a second dinner when you buy a dinner at full price. The discount is only on Mondays and it should always apply to the lesser (or equal) valued dinner, no matter which order they are inputted to the ticket. All dinners have the product tag “Dinner”. I would like this to be as automatic as possible to not burden the wait staff and also so the wait staff can not abuse this discount maliciously.

I have read a lot of topics relating to discounts but I’m having trouble putting it all together in a way that automatically happens on Mondays and can sort which dinner is of less value.

As always any help is greatly appreciated!

You will want to get familier with report expessions.
I would put together a report expression to count applicable items then come code/script to list ticket orders by price so you can work out the value of the first half of orders and calculate 50% of that.
I think you may have to use some scripts as not sure this will be doable just in report expressions.

In summary you’ll want to know the number of aplicable orders qty.
Take that, half it, and round down to whole number.
That gives you the number of dinners needing 50% off.
Then taking the list of orders sorted to asc value limit list to the first x number of orders from first step and calculate total value of those.
Add discount for 50% of that value

Thanks. I will start reading up. As I suspected this is going to be a little more involved than what I have done so far.

There would be other ways but the more you want seemless automation to more work needs to go into the automation.
Having a manual overide with limited abuse protection is easy but more restrictions/automation makes more complex.

I can work on the seemless automation later. I just need to get 50% off a single item working immediately. Any one have something quick and easy? I’m working on one myself but it is not working.

Can emre help?

I’ve been searching and searching with no luck. Thanks to all in advance.

To get 50% off single item look up the discount custom item tutorial QMcKay wrote. It will get you going the rest of the advanced stuff you will need to study up and try a few things.