A button to link to external URL

Hi all!

Can i know if its possible to create a button and once selected, it will link to a URL

Thank you so much

What are you trying to do? Where would the link come up at? You want a popup or an entity screen or something else? You need to be more specific. More than likely what your asking is possible but only with v5.

hi Kendash!

what i want is just a popup box that will show message for example “Click here to visit Google” and once the user click on the message it will open up Google website on the user internet browser.

the button i have placed it in the POS screen

i managed to do a simple show message box but i have no idea on how to do the link to visit website

Ok so you will not be able to do that with v4 at all. With v5 its possible but maybe not exactly how you describe.

ok understand.

actually we have a request from a old man running a restaurant and we are helping him out to do it… he requested for a currency calculator something like this http://www.onlineconversion.com/moneycounter.htm

so im thinking if there can be a button on the POS screen and once selected the currency calculator will display for entry. and also to print out the entry

i know the above is hard to achieve and so im thinking of a message box that can link to http://www.onlineconversion.com/moneycounter.htm

With v5 you can built a currency counter easily with no need for external web. In fact several members have done that already.

ok sure i will try that. V3 and V4 won’t be able to do this?

V3 maybe if yuou are a programmer and modify source. V4 no.

Creating Google Maps Screen the only way close to what you want is use goole map widget , However for pop up you can use same you might could add rule

Click button > Automation Command Executed Rule for the button > Start Process Action with URL as the parameter will launch default Browser.

Or you can use Custom Entity Screen with HTML Viewer Widget set to display whatever page you want.

Both will work on V4.