A different language of printer merge?

Can the language of the installation be different with the printer language

Sambapos = English
printer = spanish

Is this possible?

You can add product tags to set Spanish names and custom the print out however you like so it outputs in another language using the product tags

Looks like @JTRTech is writing you a more detailed response :grinning:

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Cant see why not.
Most of the non product bits are fixed stings in template so can just be changed in template.
If you want products to be engligh in samba but spanish on print you would use a custom product tag and adjust template to use the product tag rather than product name.
Order tags could use description if used and need translation.
Calculation might be little more interesting, might need to define a format for each calculation type and hard code the calculation namein the template.

Allong these lines, this is quote from someone wanting two languages on print but principle would be the same.

Then in the printer template setup the orders layout section…
The {ORDERS} part will be propergated with the part under the [ORDERS] part on a per order line basis so that part would look something like this;

<L00>    {PRODUCT TAG:Chinese Product Name}

Which should give you something that looks like this;

1 x Beef Burger                    7.95
    Chinese for Beef Burger
 * Tags (if any)
1 x Chicken Burger                 8.95
    Chinese for Chicken Burger
 * Tags (if any)

The tags shown may need some adjustment depending on your setup but along those lines should do the job.
Product tags are added in: Settings --> Program Settings --> Product Tag Captions (Comma separated field)
Product tags will then show at the bottom of the products individual settings tabs and also in the Product Tag Editor tab.