A few questions regarding your product

Hello guys, so I’ve been looking at this POS system for a while and have some questions.

-Does this system have a Kitchen Display System? If so Where can i see it?
-Does it accept credit card processing? If not, what can I use for the meantime?
-Is there a way to integrate the POS with online ordering or an online ordering provider.

Short answer is you can do all of that with exception of credit card processing it is coming however. SambaPOS is designed so you can customize it to do anything you need for your business. Just look through the Tutorials section of the forum and you will see endless setups and features listed.

Thank you so much for your reply!

A few things:

I was wondering, would you happen to know of a tutorial, or where to read up on the online ordering and how to set it up?

Also, when it comes to credit card service what do people use for the meantime?

I will be using Paypal with a Paypal card swiper machine. All credit card types accepted with one flat rate. less than 3%

I will be accepting Paypal payments on my website and through twitter/facebook

Currently I just use my local bank they provide a card swiper machine and charge 5% for all cards.

I will just use Samba to record the sale and then I type in the charge into my swiper machine. By the time I go live however maybe the built in processor will be live.

The online ordering is not support out of box. You can do some magic if your proficient with PHP and MYSQL. If you want an out of box setup for Online ordering etc… then you need to wait because it is in development as an add-on.

Since you are new to Samba read all you can on these forums… and understand that Samba is different than any other POS. Samba is built so you have freedom to configure almost everything to your specific business. It is designed to grow with your business and do what you want it to do. Most POS may be easier to setup out of box and may offer specific things that you are looking for… but beyond that, they do not grow with the business you are confined to their limited set of options.

In Samba if you dream it up… you can do it.

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