A few things I want to do/General questions about printing

1st thing I want to do. I have tags set to steak, salmon, lamb etc. For meat temperatures. It forces them to chose a temperature before they close or print bill but I have modified the close button to not print and instead I created a send button that sends it to the kitchen printer and they must use this send button. It let’s them send without choosing a temperature. How I do I set up the send button to act just like print bill and close, and say “you must select a temperature” before they send the order to the kitchen. The employees often forget to select meat temperature and salad dressings aND it let’s them send it without the tag. We need to fix this. Any ideas?

2nd thing I have a pair of speakers in the kitchen with a 50 ft extension cable running to the main pc in the bar. When the send button is pressed, samba is configured to play an mp3 that says “order in” so the cook knows to check the printer. We are about to get 2 tablets and ditch the 2nd station. So with tablets being wireless I was thinking some kind of bluetooth speakers to use for the tablets. Either some kind of hub that will allow all 3 stations to use those speakers or just a seperate set of speakers that will be used with the tablets. Any advice/suggestions? The distance is about 70 feet from the furthest table away from the kitchen since most bluetooth won’t work over 30ft they’ll either have to get closer to the speakers or well need some kind of hub thats actually in the dining area and uses those speakers in the kitchen via the 50 ft wire I have installed.

3rd thing. When they “send” is there a way to display a confirmation message that the printer printed the ticket order in the kitchen? Occasionally the tickets won’t print and they have to send again.

  1. do you have auto select option ticket on the steaks? you cant close the tags screen is there are required options unselected… might help

  2. have a look at the options for light/buzzer conected to a kitchen printer via the drawer kick port. all you would need to do is add the kick code to the kitchen print template.

  3. no, at least pretty sure not. if prints are getting lost suspect you have underlying configuration issue. what type of printer is it, network or serial on extension? guessing network and you have underlying network issue.

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The thing is… you have to select the item to select a tag and they are forgetting to do that so I need samba to remind them to choose order tags before they send it to the kitchen.

Our printers do not have a buzz feature. I’ve checked. They are basically the same printers you see at walmart customer service. And our cook likes the speakers mp3 option it was my idea and I made it happen we prefer this over a buzz anyway.

It’s actually usb. We tried networking and usb was faster. I think it’s user error. Our employees are still messing up orders and then blaming it on me. Luckily the owner/manager understands that it is user error it’s their fault. I’m just trying to make it easy and possible for them. I figured some kind of confirmation would be good so they don’t get yelled at because it didn’t print because they did something wrong.

Read my reply again :stuck_out_tongue:
Tick the auto select, its an option of edit product properties within the menu settings. it forces the selection of the order and in turn displaying the tags etc.

Not built in, as I said you can utilise the drawer kick of the printer (which pretty much every thermal/dotmatrix printer for epos ever has) anyway if you prefer the bluetooth option give that a go, you would want to use the execute process action in some way Id guess.

Add a ticket state which is updated on print button and set the close button to include the constraint that the ticket must have been printed.

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I’ll try those suggestions and see I’d they work.

We just prefer the bluetooth speaker option I’ve already got it set up on the main station it plays an mp3 when the send button is pressed. I’m just gonna need wireless speakers or maybe some kind of hub. Any suggestions would be great. We don’t want a buzz though we like the mp3 playing when an order is sent. Yes it has a place to plug in a cash drawer but again we like the speakers.

I personally avoid wireless as much as possible for live systems. Always ends up causing headaches.
Obviously for tablets is required but bluetooth is going to since the batteries…

Im a bit lost on what your actually asking on that, you say you have it setup already?..

No I have our main station hardwired to some speakers in the kitchen via a 50ft extension cable. So what I’m asking is what’s the best way to get the tablets hooked up to some speakers so the notification will play when the tablets send an orderi. Either some kind of bluetooth/wireless hub that will hook up to the speakers and the main station and the tablets can run off it or just a regular set of bluetooth speakers. Unless you have a better idea. The chef really enjoys having an “Order In” mp3 play when they send him an order so wewant to set up some tablets for table service. But playing the mp3 what’s the best way to do it? Got a better idea?

Try to use samba broadcast message from the tablet to trigger the sound from the main hardwired terminal :wink:
That’s what I would try first.

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Well since they are all connected now using sql I was successful after a few stressful failed attempts… so how do I trigger the mp3 to be played on the server station when the send button is pressed on other systems?

You would add a broadcast message action to the send button rule and then make a new rule with message received event and constrain to that message.
Put the actions you curently are using to play the sound into that event.
Also mapp the rule so that only the ‘server’ machine listens to the message.

Screenshots help a ton. It makes sense but its much easier to use screenshots as a guidence. If it’s not too much to ask.

He probably hasnt shown any because he has not set it up.

That’s what I was assuming. If someone wit a lot more experience with samba could test it and show me screenshots id be very great full