A little help with combos

Ok so I am fairly sure I am just failing to understand the existing info, but hopefully someone can help with this one bit I am stuck on.

I have a couple of monthly offers. I have followed Jesse’s tutorial here Intelligent Auto Combo Building - Build combination deals on the fly as you add orders the way the customer talks and got ONE offer working.

My issue is that I am unsure what actions/rules/commands I need to duplicate and change to add further combos.

For example let’s say we have coffee and a sausage roll for 3.50. That works fine having followed the steps exactly.

But now I need to add a particular sandwich plus a drink for 3.95 and am unsure how to make a further combo to handle this.

Am I just being stupid?

Are you using a 2 pc combo or 3 pc combo?

If you are using a 2 pc combo can you show screen shots of your setup?