A lot of stations

hellow sambapos, i will like to know if there is no problem connecting multiple stations (15 pcs) that are in the SAME network and that uses the same DATABASE, i will like to know if first there is a license problem? and also if there is a limit in transactions per minute or per sec that the POS can handle. this is for a big event

No licence issue, you licence the location/database so just single licence needed.
Transactions wise since terminals connect back to central SQL DB as far as SambaPOS software is concerned it doesn’t really care about the number of terminals since in general they are not directly connected as data passes through the database not directly. Message server which triggers refresh of certain aspects may get a workout but dont believe it actually passes much data, think its more like a trigger/ping with basic data.

You will however probably need a pretty decent spec machine to power the database machine which on that number of terminals I would defiantly recommend a dedicated machine that isnt used as a terminal.
Biggest setup I have done is in a big nightclub/venue which only runs V4 and has 7-8 tills I think now but automation/config is very simple. Their setup if I remember only runs of a SFF Dell with maybe an older i3 and 8GB ram.

A major factor would be the complexity of your setup, how much automation customisation you setup.

I would suggest a respectable speced i7 machine, maybe 16GB ram and a FAST SSD as a minimum.

The hotel here I have a mid range i5 machine with 16GB RAM and 2x 120GB SSD is RAID and thats only running 3 terminals but over speced on pourpose - plus I have allot of custom automation for the PMS integration I did.

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