A reminder for new People

Hello. I’m Emre. I’m in development team if you didn’t noticed before. I’m glad you come here to try SambaPOS and thank you very much for your interest.

SambaPOS development highly depended on people’s suggestions and ideas so if you think SambaPOS is a great project that is because our community is great… and now by joining our forum you became a part of it. With your contributions it can be even greater.

I’ll request from you to read this post if you didn’t do it before.

That post means we want to help you and we want you to use SambaPOS in your business however to be able to help you we need to understand your issue. I know explaining issues a little hard for new people but if we can’t understand your problem we can’t solve it. Please read your question as a person who knows nothing about your setup and give a little more time to elaborate it.

Thank you very much for reading.