A way to create seats at a table ( doesn't work with me! ). Need help!

I used the seat option from @sukasem ( New To Samba (Table Questions) ). Everything is amazing, but:
when I choose one product ( ex:coke ) - seat 1 it’s perfect.
After this I want put a orange juice for seat 2, and it change both to seat 2. Always change for the last seat. Do you know how to fix it?
Thanks Tiago

You have to post your Rules here. We can’t help without those details

HI, thanks for reply.
The thing is, I don´t know how to explain.
I did exactly what you did, but when I press the seat button for the first time, I can see guest number 1 ( seat 1 ), but if I will put again the seat button for another guest, like number 2 or 3, all of them will be 2 or 3, not only the last one I put. Did you understand? If not I will put pictures of this.

He probAbly has the button mapped to ticket instead of order line.

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Please check if you map automation command button to order line (last column) as @Jesse comment

Yes, perfect. Thank you so much people. Really nice this forum