A way to show multiple taxes on the accounting screen

I would like to request a way to show taxes separately on the accounting screen if you use multiple taxes example: State Tax and County Tax for USA. I attempted to do it via separate accounts and transactions for each tax however that messed up the accounting numbers as can be seen in my previous post [RESOLVED]Accounting Tax Calculation difference between Cash Tendered and Sales

It would be nice to be able to create an account that just shows the two taxes and does not actually figure them into the accounting that way I could track them separately and create transactions to pay them down when I send a payment to the state and local governments consequently updating the taxes to zero when I make the payment transaction.

Naturally this would need to be done without actually modifying the accounting and changing the taxes collected. Basically it would just be a visual reference to allow me to track taxes collected and taxes paid to government like an expense account.

Hopefully I am making sense it is late and my brain is fried from all the accounting methods I have been running in my head and trying to implement on Samba.

You know what never mind. This is way to complicated and I can achieve what I need from just reports and old fashioned check writing.

I’m planning to implement a custom account reporting add-on as we’re talked here

Maybe it helps.

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