Ability to deactivate a user

I know we can’t remove users as they’re linked to other data.

I was thinking this:

Checkbox to deactivate user (only visible when “Edit User” is selected).

When, let’s say, checkbox “Inactive” is checked, Pin Code and Password textboxes are disabled.

When save is clicked, if “Inactive” checkbox is checked, set Pin Code = some random string and Password = null.

If user is inactive and want to be reactivated, when checkbox is changed from checked to not checked, enable Pin Code and Password text boxes and set to empty.

This allows the PIN to be assigned to another user down the road, preserves history, and would prevent anyone from logging in as a former user.


This is a good idea. While its not built in, you can easily restrict active users by controlling the login and checking their current role. This wouldn’t change the pin availability, but you could just assign a new pin if they’re ever reactivated.

I have something I use already and am in the process of writing something that will completely delete the user.

I was just thinking a one-click solution for those who or don’t want to or can’t roll their own solution.

Totally agree Memo. Definently a good request.