Ability to remove order tag completely on the fly

Just curious, is there a way we could highlight an order tag when taking an order , and just as we can add and save tags, but also remove them on the fly?

Scenario is a cafe has a cabinet which is like a display fridge with items that are displayed in it. But those items and specials change weekly.
Easiest way to create specials straight from menu is using free tagging and save free tagging.
But since it’s always different weekly, order tag screen will eventually be filled and clustered taking up all the order tag room, making it a bit difficult to scroll to see other tag options.

Is there a way we can highlight an order tag within menu, and remove it by a click of a button similar to adding a tag?

No, not like that, selecting it will just tag the order.
You might be able to replicate similar flow with some custom script and direct SQL queries but potentially risky, SQL queries are ok, modifying SQL directly generally not a good idea.
Maybe some new GraphQL functions in future might be useable but doubt there is an easy solution atm.

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