About bump bar display

hi i want to know about bump bar display as now it is showing product one by one like example table no 1 and i have taken 5 items order in one table it will show separate each order but i want something like one time on top table number below that 5 items and i should be able to delete the order one by one from the ticket and if the table is open and if new order is book for same table it should add auto in same table it should not show as new table so can u guide me how to do this for V5

Show some screenshots. Try to be more clear on what your asking

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hi sir

here is screen shots what i want and presently what it is

hi please solve this issue

Hi please read tutorial. We are not here to “solve the issue” for you. If you don’t want to do it yourself, then post in the Ads category and someone can offer you paid support.


Besides, this is not an “issue” … one Order per Card is by design as a Kitchen Display should be.

If you want to display an entire Ticket (all Orders on a single Card), then you can use the Ticket Lister Widget instead.