About Current User

At print template
How to use {: CURRENTUSER}?
If use this {: CURRENTUSER}, when i print order to kitchen or print bill ticket at server as cashier, so will display name of current user active to do order, print bill, etc.
When i make order at order station terminal so, not print current user, just print *

If i use {USER NAME} It will print who user login at server or order station. But if supervisor login to void order, still print who is user first order item

Both should be the same thing which is the user who is logged in.
You comment about void I’m guessing your meaning using the confirm admin pin option on the void?

I set automation commands void visible when login with admin rule. So admin like supervisor must login with their passwod and void order.

It is {:CURRENTUSER} (no space between : and C), not sure if that will resolve your issue?

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Yes, i use {:CURRENTUSER} at sambapos. I just wrong write at this.

Try in your Template:

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Ok, tomorrow, i will test it

Just as sample to add in who is the cashier , do like below: