About the monthly membership system


i want to make monthly membership system i already had 6000 customer to registered. Im trying to implement new model registered members if they want upgrade membership type to premium for 1 month via paying money get some special rewards and discounts from the our company. but im having problem when the users membership end of 30 days automatically member type return to normal how to do this things anyone can help me ?


How are you defining status of membership and date for end?

First time when the customer pay, status changed premium and set start_date column to starting date. This will be applied from personel.

Custom entity fields I presume?
Might be worth thinking to use or include end date as likely makes process of checking for renewals easier.
If you had end date a fairly straight forward loop action being fed from a report entity details expression giving entity name based on end date = today date to loop update entity date to change status field.
Although probably not a major issue to workout something to use start date today minus x days.
If can only ever do 1 month either should be doable in that kind of way however if can pay for longer period an end date probably simplifies automation.
Example if you did start with a paid month’s field you couldn’t fireclay report list of due to expire so would need to report all and loop and have validation in loop to work out end date based on paid period etc.

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