About the purchased version

Hi all, thank you for your support. Actually I want to ask about the purchased version. is it full with reports or do I have to setup the reports.
I’m a retail store and I tried the free versions and I found that there is no many reports found. during explore the forum I found the people asked about some reports so I want to ask because this is what important to me. If I purchased the full version from the website of you that means I will find these reports already included or what?

Version 5 has some reports available from the get go which you may have noticed, however you can create your own customized reports however yoi see fit.

The forum has many types of tutorials and guide to guide you on how to make your own reports. The reason its not already inbuilt because each shop/business may require their own way of reporting or work flow. Sambapos was designed so that each business can design based on their requirements

Thank you Shivan, but let me ask please, if I’m not a programmer how can I will learn from the tutorials and start to create reports while I need to open my store next weeks. So If there are ready made reports that will be fine.
I read some of topics here and all are talking the same language almost, there is no topics in reports for beginners or at least with pictures that will make it easy for me as a beginner.

Please if you can help me as I’m not a developer and guide me to a suitable tutorials easy to use while the reports are the important thing for me in my shop.

Another thing please, if the reports are same in purchased version and free version so what is the purpose for me to purchase the last version?

Well if free you mean v4 the reports are fixed or you buy reports editor module.
If you mean v5 trial you have the report edit ability however the trial has a 500 ticket limit after which you get a popup after each order added and every so many minutes.

If you dont want to learn how to make the reports, post a thread to the Ads section on the forums where you can pay a forum member to complete what you are looking for!

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Can you please send me the Ads section link?
Also I have a question. Do you have in the system purchasing module which I can add my invoices and print a purchase invoice, after that the items added to the stock to can use or what?
this is an important issue.

It’s a category on the forum.

Guess everything is important, why not try searching the four for inventory???

You can post in the Ads category for paid help with setting up. I can also provide such help, send me a PM if interested.

What do you mean with the PM?

PM = Private Message

On forum, you can send PM to users like an email. Just click my photo and you will see “Message” button.

Ok, thank you. Now I can understand. But can you please answer me about the purchasing cycle? Do you have in the system purchasing module which I can add my invoices and print a purchase invoice, after that the items added to the stock to can use or what?
If you have, so I will purchase the software and start with you. But first confirm that I can make a PO and transfer to my inventory and create a PI and can print them all.

You can start reading here about inventory:

There are also other guides on the forum about it.

There isn’t specific support for doing a PO, however when you do your inventory purchase, you essentially are creating a document in the system that could be considered as your PO.

If there is a specific way you want it setup, with SambaPOS you can built the feature. So the answer is not so straightforward as a “yes” but I would say it is possible to add the functionality based on your requirements as SambaPOS is very flexible. The difference between SambaPOS and pretty much all other POS software is that with SambaPOS you can build your own functionality and customisations to make the POS software work the way you want to, rather than you having to change your business logic to work around the POS software. It’s a different way of thinking but it means you can grow the solution as your needs change.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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