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Features you know SambaPOS doesn’t have and you would like to see that added.

For Information during creating recipe show item price and on bottom total price recipe.

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  1. description field (plain text field) when adjusting inventory.
    2)low level stock alarm (not an on the fly ticket title that must be pressed or a display message that must be pressed in order to warn the user)
    3)a more friendly data export report module
  2. OMG a wastage/spill system (not the end of day record, i believe that using end of day record is forcing something thats not made for that, because there are multiple situations that could lead the staff to spill or waste or adjust the inventory and doing all 3 of them in end of day records makes the metric loose traceability.
    5)Production module,PLEASE.

This is not how you request a feature. You create a new post and use feature request category.

Yes and be able to print a report which states recipes per item.