Accepting credit, debit, pre-paid card payments, any card reader, even the local Easy Card reader?

We will accept cards, we will get a card reader, but here we also have a local used card, Easy Card used by the Taipei Metro company to pay for rides, wich has it’s own reader, it’s widely used by stores accepting payment. In the end all receipts must go to the official government receipt printer. I have no idea how I’ve to do all of this.

SambaPOS does not support any cards. Sorry but we wont be able to help you do any of this. Theres already a lot of talk about this on the forum already I suggest you use the “search” function before making a new topic.

You won’t be able to integrate that reader, and I don’t know how it works in Taipei but in Hong Kong we have Octopus card which is stored value similar to what you say and it is used in many shops as payment method, however integration with their proprietary hardware is very expensive as they charge you a lot just to get the info and just won’t be possible. However in Hong Kong they also have a stand alone device to accept Octopus cards so you might want to see if the Taipei system has something similar, then you just add the payment method to SambaPOS like any other but process the payment on the stand alone terminal.

This is the stand alone reader they use in Hong Kong for Octopus cards that doesn’t require any integration:

More info is here:

I think what your more asking is about the government printer rather than the card reader.
I would expect the card reader is stand alone like most card terminals used by most small-medium businesses.
Its the printer side which you need to work out moreso.
This type of government printer for reporting is discussed a fair bit as many countries has similar systems for general receipts also for tax purposes.

It is true you will strugle if your intending to directly integrate with a card reader for now (fingers crossed for v6) but I dont think that is the core point of your question.

You need to know more info of how the government printer works and is to be used.

Just a quick side note…

@the133448, good to see a new face being proactive on the forum :slight_smile: however would say you should just be careful with your terminology when answering questions being sure not to cause any confusion that you are a support agent/staff of SambaPOS.
Am not saying thats your intention or thats how I read it, just that other users - especially those where english isnt 1st language - may misunderstand.
A while back there was a bit of an issue between a user and one of the forum leaders (not a samba employee but a dedicated samba user offering support to others just like us) because the forum user was under the impression he was talking with a samba support employee rather than another forum user and wasnt happy that he wasnt getting the answers/attention you might expect from a paid employed support staff.
Just a comment, please dont get discouraged from doing what your doing :slight_smile:

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The term used is a fiscal printer. Search forum for “fiscal” you will get some relevant results.

Not ever using one myself I have limited knowledge however believe they are just thermal receipt printers that also store everything in an electronic journal. I read a few posts on the forum about them before so I think that’s your best bet for learning more how to do that with SambaPOS.

I thought you guys volunteered or something. It’s a good thing you guys are paid, because I wouldn’t be able to handle all of these same, mundane, bad-grammar questions everyday.

We are not paid whatsoever. We do it because we love to.


Then kudos to all of you guys.

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