Account Details button not working on account screens

Is it possible to have the “Account Details” button activated when the Display Details checkbox isnt ticked?

Currently when the Display Details checkbox IS ticked my account screen looks like this (i use my Floats Account screen as an example), if i click on Balance Float OR Float IN the Account Details button is no longer greyed out and I can click it

When clicking the Account details button on either of my Balance Float OR Float IN account names i get the following screens showing the details

@emre this works perfect, however i dont want to have Display Details ticked so that I only see the one account line that shows “Till Float” as below, however the Account Details button is available. Could this button be active when Display Details is not checked so that when pressing it it will show the account details for BOTH Balance Float AND Float IN on the same screen, instead of the two separate screens i showed above?

How would it know what account to pull up as you can have multiple accounts under that? Remember those are Account Types not Accounts if you do not click Display Details then it doesn’t show the actual accounts just the Account Types. This is by design.

I understand you want it to show them both… but what if someone has 7 accounts under 1 account type… how would the button behave? Certainly it would not be functional to display 7 accounts details on 1 screen.

@RickH this is not an issue it is designed to function this way so I have changed it to question. If you want to reword it a little and turn it into a feature request please do so.

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In that case id like to make it a feature request as id like to have the account screen not showing details and then when account details button pressed it would show all the different transactions for all the accounts under that account type.

For the scenarios i have set up such as petty cash there are only going to be two accounts under the petty cash account type (petty cash out and balance petty cash) so id like the account screen to just show it as the one line, with the details viewed when pressing the account details button. This is just to keep the account screen as simple as possible as there is just one account that will show under debit and one account that will show under credit so for ease of reading it is all on one line with the balance column showing as “-” when it is zero or the relevant plus or minus figure, as opposed to viewing both lines with one value as minus and the other as plus as there isnt an option there that shows to overall figure (the two added together like it does when it is one line)

i dont need to see both lines as below and for ease of looking at the difference its better to see it as in the above screenshot
I prefer just to see one line showing credit/debit and the balance as it only relates to the two shown items and there would never be any more accounts added under petty cash, so account details would only show these two items.

@emre recently updated the automated command buttons to work when the show details box was not ticked, could the same not apply to the account details button so that when show details is not ticked, when pressing account details it could list everything that is part of that account. Then if you only want to display a certain account you would have to set it as you do now by ticked the show details box then click on the individual item and then click the account details button to only show that account?

Just clearing something up. You refer to it as account. But in fact the object that has show details is not an account it is account type. So if he enabled this how would it work if someone had 7 or more accounts under that account type?

I’m also wondering that @Jesse. I think he wants all account transactions merged to a single screen. Sounds like a useful feature for that example but there might be cases where accounts shouldn’t be listed that way.

i would assume it would list them all on the one screen to view, this would be useful for me with the accounts that only have 2 account types. For others that had more account types then the current way could still be used.

What im requesting is in addition to what already happens and would allow all the account types to be viewed at the same time