Account Details is Disabled

I am trying to use Customer Account feature in Sambapos. I also followed this tutorial to implement Loyality Card (without creating another entity type) - Custom Simple Loyalty Card Features.

But in customer search screen “Account Details” button is disabled. Any idea why?

(As a new user, I cannot upload an image, but you can find it here -

You need to create account for that Customer first. You do that by clicking the “Edit Customer” after selecting the customer on the list, then click “Create Account”.

Yes you can’t have an account details without an account. As he said create an account for the customers first then you can view those account details.

I will check this out and let you know.

You were right, thanks a lot!!

PS: Its kind of confusing to have both “Save” and “Create Account” buttons. Just saying.

Save is to save a customer when you create them or update their details, some people may never use the account feature so have no need for it, adding a customer is not creating an “account” for them

An account isnt created until you press create account button, personally i dont see how that is confusing :slight_smile:


We don’t create accounts for all customers. We only create accounts for customers who we’ll allow to pay us later.

Hi everyone,

I have another problem in hand, my “Create Account” button is disabled. I am not able to find out the reason. Please help.

Screenshot -

You need to save the entity first, then go back into it, click edit and the create account button should be active

Nope, it doesn’t work. I tried it already.

Never mind . I didn’t have “Can Create Account Privilege”