Account Document Type Default Amount possible values?

I have created an Entity Type of “Employees” and cooresponding Account Type. I am storing “Salary” as custom data on the entity.

I would like the Account Document to be prefilled with the “Salary” from the entity, however I’m struggling to get anything other than [Balance] to work in the Default Amount field on the Document Type.

I’ve tried [Salary] and {ENTITY DATA:Employees:Salary} but both don’t work. Any idea on what this field supports and if this would be possible?


Specifically for that area try [:Salary] tag.


Really? How can a Document Type be Custom Entity Field aware…

Yeah, that works. Thanks.

Because the account is linked to the entity

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Wow so we can call on Entity Custom Fields - nice thanks Mark.

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WOW. Who knew? Another hidden feature! And I learned something new today!