Account Statements with Template Layout

Ok so following recent discussions on Hotel/Room bills and accounts vs preorder I personally beleive accounts is the propper way to go and will give the most benificial return in regards reports and reconciliation.

Have seen the subject of ‘Customer Statements’ come up a couple of times but never seen a real positive responce/feedback. I have searched the forum but can only find the {ACCOUNT…} type tags.

In theory {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:X} would be the equivilent of a statement but cant get this to work in a ticket.

Was trying ticket as report template seems fairly limited when it comes to formatting and layout.

Ideally what would be nice would be something like {REPORT ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:<fields>:<expression>} OR an {ACCOUNTS} section which could be used in ticket template to allow something like orders layout method;


This way we can format our own statment layout.

This is all on the basis that I haven’t missed something stairing me in the face which means we can already do…

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You probably won’t receive a feedback for this one too. I’ve read your all previous posts regarding your hotel implementation but I still couldn’t get whole picture :slight_smile: If I can understand what you’re trying to do I can input my feedback.

It is a bit hard to follow when you have no experience in the field. I too have been reading (skimming really) your posts, but for the uninterested, it is difficult to understand.

Do a mockup of a statement that you want to see. All Orders/Tickets (details) for a 2 week stay? Summary data only? Both (multi-page statement)?

Be specific on what you want to “do” to have the statement generated and printed (the flow involved for creating/printing the statement). Select Entity, view statement details, then print…

I am sure we can come up with something using Report Tags and/or SQL and Templates, Custom Screens, etc. We have the power!

P.S. reading and thinking of what I just wrote above, I don’t see this as being any different than doing an Account Statement for a Customer Entity. That is actually something I would like to put together, especially for those customers who’s accounts are in arrears.

I have customers who run tabs for a month (or more!) before making payment in full , or in partial. I would like it to show all Orders/Tickets per day, along with all their discounts, gifted items, etc, with a summary of everything: Purchases, Payments, Savings, etc.

OK you’ll be surprised but I need to ask… Is it something like the extract of the account?

Yes, an account history that can be displayed and printed based on a date range.

How do you determine the date range?

Last x Days maybe?

Report Screen date filters?

Program Setting?

SQL… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That is pretty much what is is, sorry thought I said that.
There is print account transactions action but no way to customise this layout.

What I can’t understand is… do you mean to print what customer paid or what customer have to pay… I don’t see how printing account transactions with x days filter will work.

What they have to pay, I guess. So any transactions made since the account had 0 balance.

As far as my system god it wouldn’t even need to be filtered by date range as if using booking entity/account there would only be the required actions on the account but if date filter is possible it could mean that it wouldn’t need booking entity/account and can just go on room account with date filter {ENTITY DATA:Rooms:Check In}.

Pretty much what I need is what the action ‘Print Account Transactions’ gives but that I can put in to a ticket template to allow me to put customer details etc on the slip.

Transaction list would show payments also, so if not paid in full.
Its a statement of account, thats it.

Example of what I mean;

06/11/15  12:03      Ticket 428                     £  54.20
07/11/15  14:12      Ticket 497                     £  24.50
07/11/15  16:01      Ticket 502                     £  32.80
07/11/15  16:01      Payment Cash                  -£ 111.50
08/11/15  18:46      Ticket 521                     £  54.20

So a statement/bill would look something like this;
Although this has room number and guest name it would be same principle for customer accounts where it would obviously be customer name and account would be whatever the customer account is formatted to [Name]-[Number]?

                        Hotel Name
                        VAT Number

Date:  08/11/15                  Account: Room 1
Time:  19:52                     Guest Name: Joe Trice-Rolph

06/11/15  12:03      Ticket 428                     £  54.20
07/11/15  14:12      Ticket 497                     £  24.50
07/11/15  16:01      Ticket 502                     £  32.80
07/11/15  16:01      Payment Cash                  -£ 111.50
08/11/15  18:46      Ticket 521                     £  54.20

Total Charges:                                      £ 165.70
Total Payments:                                     £ 111.50
Balance Due:                                        £  54.20

VAT Breakdown
Total Charges: £ 165.70
VAT Included:  £  27.62
Net Charges:   £ 138.10

The right hand column would either be +/- transaction values or two columns as on the print account transactions Credit/Debit columns, either way, columns are already implemented in the action so they would probably be easier to go with.
So would expect a template something like this (template tags may not be 100% as typed off top of my head but should show the idea);

                    Hotel Name
                    VAT Number

Date:  {DATE}                    Account: {ENTITY NAME:Rooms}
Time:  {TIME}                    Guest Name: {ENTITY DATA:Rooms:Guest Name}


Total Charges:                                      £ {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DEBIT TOTAL:{ENTITY DATA:Account}}
Total Payments:                                     £ {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION CREDIT TOTAL:{ENTITY DATA:Account}}
Balance Due:                                        £  [=F({ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DEBIT TOTAL:{ENTITY DATA:Account}}-{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DEBIT TOTAL:{ENTITY DATA:Account}})]

VAT Breakdown

Another thought is that ideally we would want a way to feed say entity into the print job.

What I am getting at is the other requests have generally be in regards sending out statements to account holders and going through each entity would be a pain in the A.

We in theory can specify ticket ID in a print action but there would obviously not be a ticket ID in this template or flow.
So would either need an additional field in the execute print job or an additional action of something like 'Print Account Template' as we already have print account screen, transactions and transaction document.

Oh, sorry, just noticed Print Entity (when did that get added, not noticed before…) which sounds like it would be exactly what I was inferring…

Going to be really embarrassed if that’s the solution to what ive been trying to do!

Is there some reason we can’t have Printer Template in the Print Report Action?

Surely the report is the template no?

Think print entity offers a potential route as far as statements goes.

Surely you are correct. That makes sense. So what do we need beyond that?

Map the Action to a Printer that uses A4/Letter paper, create a Report to pull Entity/Account data and summary… what else?

You cant format a report in the same way as you can a ticket though can you?

What are you missing in Report Templates exactly?

The ability to format into something like above?
Try <L00> outside a table and it just gets dragged into the table above


gives this;

The {ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Booking Account Transaction:{ENTITY NAME}} cold do with an alternative like {REPORT…} which allows choosing the fields.

also @emre this action didnt seem to like entity name… , could only get to work with entity ID, even with entity name set in action rather than rule with [:xx]

That worked while this didnt;

entity ID 210 = U8B1-2520989960