Action - Display Ticket List - Multiple Ticket States?

Does the Action Display Ticket List support more than 1 State?

I would like to be able to use Unpaid,Locked as the filter, but currently only have Unpaid as the filter, since it doesn’t seem to work with more than 1 State…

That feature is tied to implementation of ticket list display when we click on ticket tag buttons on Create Ticket mode. How you’re planning to use this ?

I already use it like this :smiley: But as you can see, the Locked Ticket is not shown in the list, since I have it filtered to display Unpaid:

That clearly reveals a design issue on our default data. Maybe configuring Locked state as an additional ticket state would be a better idea since in both states ticket’s real status is Unpaid. I mean printing a ticket should not change Status = Unpaid state. It should change other state such as PStatus=Locked maybe…

What would you think about such change? Do you have rule configuration that specifically depends on Locked status?

I think that type of change might work.

I don’t think I have any Rules or Automation Command mappings that specifically use Locked, but I would need to check through them all to be sure.

I’ve tested it on one of my sample databases.

  1. I’ve cloned Update Ticket State action to update Printing state. I’ll update Printing=Locked when it gets printed and Printing=<null> when unlocked.
  2. I’ve updated Print Ticket command’s Enabled State config to Printing=. That means that button will be enabled only if Printing state equals to nothing.
  3. I’ve Added Update Entity State action to update entity’s state to New Orders when we unlock ticket. That normally works automatically since we have a rule to update entity state when ticket state becomes Unpaid but since it won’t change in this case we need to update it manually.

Other functions seems working fine.

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@emre, please look this over and let me know if I missed anything… I think it is working properly in my limited testing.

Clone Action: Update Ticket Status > Update Printing Status

Modify Rules: Print Bill Rule and Unlock Ticket Rule

Modify Automation Command: mapping for Print Bill

Flow / Operation: the Printed Ticket is showing in the Ticket List :smile:

Looks like we have success! :smiley:

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Great! it seems fine to me and that solves most “multiple state support” issues. It should also solve missing tickets issue for Customer Tickets screen. We should include it in our default setup.

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