Action to Enter NUMBERPAD value

@emre, can you add an Action to manipulate the NUMBERPAD, on both the Product Selector screen and the Payment screen? It should include being able to use the CLEAR (X) key.

This in relation to the issues I’m having with GCs and Tendering an amount from the GC using an Automation Command. If I could simply read the GCBalance and programmatically enter it into the NUMBERPAD so that the Charged field would populate, I think my troubles would go away.

It turns out we can set the NUMBERPAD value using Action Update Program Setting, however, digits are not actually entered into the Display (in order to unlock the Payment buttons), so in it’s current implementation, it won’t work for me.

Is it possible to change the behavior so that it will work for my scenario?

I’ve noticed similar issue while implementing SambaCard tutorial. Let me find a more general solution. If I can’t we can solve by improving that action.

I’m a little confused why we really need this.

It’s not an urgent need, it’s a want, but there are 2 reasons I can think of:

  1. for the visual cue that NUMBERPAD has been updated to contain a value (should work with scanners as well)

  2. to unlock the applicable Payment buttons (Cash, Credit, Customer Account, GC)

You may have noticed that if you enter a value in the Payment screen, it populates the Charged field, and unlocks Payment buttons. But if the value entered is greater than the balance of the GC, the GC Payment button remains locked, which is a good thing - so it overcomes a possible issue of making payment with a type/account that cannot support it without becoming overdrawn.