Activate a unrestricted trial

I am trying to activate a unrestricted trial but am not getting much luck on this.

I have an account at and can login to the marketplace in SambaPos. When click on Activate turns orange for a few seconds and then goes back to white activation does not complete.

Can I activate a unrestricted trial?

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?

Not sure what version it is, would be nice if that info was in the About section. It was the latest version as of 12/10/2020

There is no such thing as a demo License. SambaPOS comes with a free unrestricted trial. It will say unregistered trial but you can use it unrestricted for 500 tickets. It will display a small popup you can just click to remove.


Thanks for pointing that out Jesse. I have corrected the post to reference unrestricted trial instead of Demo.

Do you have any suggestions on what is causing the unrestricted trial not to activate?

I have read a lot of other posts but none have helped.

You have bought a licence?


that was part of the question. I find the documentation a little bit confusing on this.

Which, to me seems to indicate you can.

Can I activate a unrestricted trial?

To activate is to take samba out of unregistered trial to licenced.
While not activated samba is in unrestricted trial mode which has no feature limits but after 500 orders will display a please activate message popup. I beleive every order added and every 10-15 mins.

Well actually no, you did not mention anywhere in your question that you actually purchased a license. Therefore, have you actually purchased a license?

We do not have a trial license that you can activate. You can try sambapos unregistered for free for 500 tickets. If you like it then you can purchase a license from the Store in your CP account and activate Sambapos.

Activate will not work until you have purchased a license.

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Thanks Jesse,

That answer is clear.