Activation Key and db Connection question

I have a laptop which is activated on it own and a separate venue where a system already deployed with its own activation key.

Now if I bring this laptop over to the venue and try to connect to the venue’s system as a monitor and/or temporary terminal. After I change the connection to the venue’s db, what will happen to the license in the laptop? Will the laptop still be activated if I turned the connection string back to its old db on the laptop when I go home? Of course, I would have backup the db on the laptop before the temporary switch over.

I believe it’ll lose connection, you will need to login to sambamarket, clear key for laptop license, open samba, reactivate it again.

This happens every-time you change databases. But you never lose a license forever.

If you just swapping db on same pc and going back to your db with license. It shouldnt affect your license. You shouldnt need to reactivate.

Usually reactivation only needed if system detects license is been used on a different db.