Add a field for Walk-in department

I have created a walk-in department, I want to be able to add a customer name or description to the ticket (not customer account), just a one off name that doesn’t need to be saved to the database.
So we can see who’s ticket it is.
I don’t want tables or customer accounts on this department.

is this possible?

Ticket Tags is the answer :smiley:

Create a new Ticket Tag. Tick Free Tagging & Save Free Tags. Don’t forget to set the mapping.

When you click the Ticket Tag - Name in this case, you can enter a name or pick one entered before

You can see the Ticket now has a Ticket Tag down near the Ticket Total

When there is no new Ticket on the POS screen, clicking the Ticket Tag will show all current open Tickets for that Ticket Tag.

Thanks John!
you’re the best